CCEAM Executive



President: Professor Paul Miller (Jamaica – Americas)

Paul Miller, PhD, is the first Caribbean national to be elected to the office of CCEAM President. An internationally respected academic administrator and researcher, he has a significant track record of published research in educational leadership. His research teacher race discrimination in England is assisting the UK Cabinet Office in policy development, and his research on school leadership development and school improvement is being used by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in the development of leadership standards. Paul is Professor of Educational Leadership & Management at the University of Huddersfield, UK, and a member of Council of both the Institute for Educational Administration & Leadership – Jamaica (IEAL-J) and the British Educational Leadership Administration Society (BELMAS). 


Past President: Associate Professor Ken Brien: (Canada – Americas)

Ken Brien, EdD is Association Professor at the University of New Brunswick and has served as President of CCEAM 2014 -2018 and Vice-President 2012-2014. He is Past President (2016 – 2018) Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration (CASEA). He has been a reviewer for several journals, grant applications, university programs, and conference proposals and book review editor for Leadership and Policy in Schools. His most recent publication is the book A decade of research on school principals]. Leadership and Policy.

His key areas of interest are educational law, policy, governance; professional learning communities; roles of principals and vice-principals; parental involvement in education and distance education.


Vice President: Professor Carolyn Shields: (Canada – Americas)

Professor Carolyn Shields teaches and conducts research related to transformative leadership as a way of creating schools that are equitable, inclusive, excellent, and socially just. Her 12 books and hundreds of conference presentations, invited keynotes, and refereed publications have brought her international accolades, including being named a fellow of CCEAM in 2004 and an honorary doctorate form Laval University in 2017. She has been active in CCEAM since 1999 and is also active in research organizations in Canada, the United States, and Europe.


Executive member: Professor Nilima Bhagabati FCCEAM (India – Asia)

Dr. Nilima Bhagabati from Assam India, having specialization in Education & Adolescent Psychology served as Professor of Education & Dean in the premier Institute of Higher Education in North Eastern region of India having Teaching, Administration and Research experience in Higher Education for more than four decades. Her Leadership and commitment to social and Professional organizations in India is well known. She was nominated International Secretary General in 2009 of Council for Teacher Education in India and her commitment and contribution to Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management last fifteen years has accorded her honour as ‘Fellow’ in 2006. She is the Member Secretary of ACEAM established 2004 and in 2014 nominated Board Member representing India. She was also nominated in CCEAM Executive member representing India and Asia recently.

Executive member: Professor Hauwa Imam (Nigeria – East West Africa)

Hauwa Imam holds a Ph.D in Educational Administration.

A Professor at the University of Abuja, she has held several leadership positions-Dean of Faculty of Education and Director of the Institute of Education amongst others. In the last two decades, she has served as a resource person/consultant the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria in the area of educational planning, policy and development, All Nigerian Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS) in the area of effective school administration and leadership etc. She is President and Member Board of Trustees of Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP), member Nigerian Academy of Education (NAE), British Educational Leadership and Administrative Society (BELMAS). She is an author, playwright and poet. Has several published papers in refereed journals and is an international scholar. Has received a number of awards for excellence. Was nominated by CCEAM as Executive representing East and West Africa region.


Executive member: Christopher Bezzina (Malta – Europe)

Christopher Bezzina FCCEAM is Professor of educational leadership and Head of the Department of Leadership for Learning & Innovation, Faculty of Education, University of Malta. Between 2008 and 2010 he served first as a Director for Quality Assurance and then as Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Education in Malta. He has done seminal work in the field of performance management, school self-evaluation, quality assurance, professional development of teachers and leaders, nurturing of schools as inclusive learning communities and partnerships.

He is both a Commonwealth and Fulbright Scholar. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Fellowship of the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management for outstanding contribution to the study and practice of educational management and leadership. From 2012 he has served on the Executive Council of the CCEAM.


Chief Education Officer: Jenny Lewis FCCEAM

As CEO Jenny manages the work of CCEAM and leads the pan Commonwealth School Leadership Capability Strategy. She is an experienced national and international consultant and provides leadership, coaching and facilitation roles for state, national and international education systems, individual schools, and school leaders to develop innovative and sustainable practices to improve student outcomes.

Her work targets school and system leadership improvement, individual and team leadership capacity building, teacher quality and the change management strategies that shift ‘schooling’ to learning. Jenny provides a vibrant mix of strategies that ensure thriving eco-systems of learning are scaffolded through collaboration and connected learning networks to ensure positive impact, growth and development.

Jenny is currently completing her Ph. D and is analysing international principal certification and registration programs.